Te Rapa Gateway is zoned ‘Rotokauri Industrial’ under the operative Hamilton City Council District Plan. The industrial park has an approved Comprehensive Development Plan (resource consent), which has the following key requirements for any development undertaken at Te Rapa Gateway:


All types of processing, manufacturing, bulk storage, warehousing, service and repair activities

Site layout, access
and parking

Within the parameters of approved Individual Development Plans (we can provide further information to you)

Planting and screening

At least 1 Tree per 15 parking spaces. Outdoor storage screened by a 1.8m fence or 1m wide vegetated strip


Maximum of 20m


65dBA(L10) at the boundary of an adjoining site

Light emissions

Maximum of 10 lux on an adjoining site

Outdoor service area

Minimum of area of 20m2 and dimension of 2.5m

Development levies

Pre-paid based on 30% site coverage

Te Rapa Gateway has a Stormwater Discharge Consent and Stormwater Management Plan which has the following requirements:

Flood Protection

A minimum 300mm freeboard from building platform level (underside of slab) to the 100-year flood level.

Where the impermeable area of any development site exceeds the 75% gross area limit, on site detention measures will be required to reduce peak flows.

On site low impact design measures to reduce site runoff include methods such as permeable hardstand areas, rain gardens, roof water tanks, ground soakage, underground storage cells and contoured parking areas.

Water Quality

The use of rainwater tanks and onsite reuse are encouraged on all sites. Rainwater tanks allow capture of course sediments and solids and reduce the demand on town water supply.

Industries with high contaminant loads (e.g. car wreckers, petrol stations, transport yards) require specific onsite treatment measures such as gross pollutant traps and grease and silt traps to meet Hamilton City Council stormwater discharge quality standards.

Low impact design measures are encouraged throughout the development. Options include but are not limited to permeable paving, rain gardens, sand filters and filter strips.

Reference should be made to the applicable resource consents for full details. Copies of all resource consents can be provided on request. Please contact us to make further enquiries.

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Development Guidelines PDF

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Permitted Activities PDF

The Te Rapa Gateway is proudly developed and managed by Chalmers Properties.