February 2018

The Te Rapa Gateway is happy to announce two new tenants into the Te Rapa Gateway Units located at 680 Arthur Porter Drive. Epiphany Café & Doughnuts and Tex Onsite have both signed long term leases and were attracted by the great location and complementary businesses. There are now only 3 Units left for lease – So get in quick.

December 2017

Te Rapa Gateway has commenced the land development of Stages 3 & 5 creating an additional 16 hectares of Industrial Land of which 4 hectares has been pre sold. These stages were originally not scheduled to commence for another couple of years, however the huge interest and demand has brought the work forward. The earthworks will create a joining road under the Waikato Expressway connecting it to the proposed Rotokauri residential subdivision. Works are scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.

October 2017

Another strong month with two more lot sales totalling 10,130 square metres continuing the strong demand for land at the Te Rapa Gateway. We would like to welcome BCD Paints and Origin Windows to the Business Park. Both purchasers bring the high quality and strong businesses that the Te Rapa Gateway is becoming known for.

September 2017

Te Rapa Gateway has been awarded as the medium site overall winner for erosion and sediment control practices at this year’s Waikato Regional Council annual awards. This a great reflection of our sediment control planning and attitude toward getting the right environmental controls in from the start.

August 2017

A big month for sales so far this month with 9 Lots sold totaling 40,480sqm to 4 purchasers. Lot 37 will be the future new home to Topmaq, and Lots 8, 73, 88, 89, 90 purchased by the Ebbett Group.

July 2017

Another good high profile section has been purchased with Auction World picking up one of the last remaining corner sites Lot 5.

The Te Rapa Gateway has completed construction on the Unit Development at 680 Arthur Porter Drive with one Unit already leased to O’Brien’s Plumbing. The remaining units are for lease and more information can be found here.

May 2017

Two good sized sales in May with Hansa Wood Chippers purchasing Lot 7 and Fosters Construction purchasing Lot 44. Fosters Construction have stated the profile onto Arthur Porter Drive and the Waikato Expressway was a huge drawcard.

Construction has also commenced on the Viridian Glass office and warehouse on Lot 17. Construction is scheduled for completion by Fosters Construction in September 2017.

April 2017

The NZ Fire Service has completed the purchase of Lot 36 at the Te Rapa Gateway. The NZ Fire service said the quality of the subdivision and the proximity to a large area of Northern Hamilton was a huge factor in their decision to purchase within the Subdivision.

Just down the, construction has commenced on the spec builds at 520 & 560 Arthur Porter Drive (Lots 19 & 20). These buildings are being built by Calder Stewart Construction on behalf of the Te Rapa Gateway and will be available for lease from March 2018.

March 2017

Rollos Marine have confirmed they will be relocating from their current premises on Te Rapa Road to the high profile corner site Lot 6 at the Te Rapa Gateway. Rollos will be a great addition to the ‘Retail Based’ activity being attracted to the area.

December 2016

We are pleased to announce that the high profile Lot 45 located at the Southern entrance to Te Rapa Gateway has been sold and is to be the new Hamilton headquarters for ‘The Tool Shed.’ The Tool Shed is to use the site for semi retail activities along with their distribution centre.

November 2016

Te Rapa Gateway commences development of two office/warehouses to be located on Lots 19 & 20. The office/warehouses are to be 220sqm/1,100sqm respectively and provide ample yard and drive through access. More details will be added to this website in the very near future.

September 2016

Te Rapa Gateway commences the design of the multi-unit development to be located on Lots 15 & 16. These units range in size from 500-702sqm. To view more on these units please visit the ‘Unit Development’ tab on this website.

August 2016

The highly sought after Lot 17 on Arthur Porter Drive has been sold and is to be the new Hamilton headquarters for Viridian Glass. Construction on the E3 Architect designed building is scheduled to commence pre-Christmas.

Te Rapa Gateway is pleased to advise that Lot 9 has been sold leaving only one more Lot left in the Arthur Porter Drive/Clem Newby Drive island available being Lot 12 (2,362sqm). Lot 9 has been purchased by a local builder who is to move his base of operations and showroom to the Park.

June 2016

Earth has been broken on Lot 14 with owners Jumpflex commencing construction on their new headquarters within the Te Rapa Gateway. Noel Jessop Architecture designed the Office Warehouse which should be completed around the end of the year.

Bidvest NZ Ltd has just gone unconditional on the purchase of 1.35ha of land within Stage 2 encompassing Lots 74-76 & 85-87 at the Te Rapa Gateway. Bidvest has taken advantage of the ability to have duel road frontage on both Clem Newby and Tasman Rds for its proposed circa 5,200sqm food store and offices. Bidvest say the convenient location and easy access to motorways, the ability to work with the vendor in identifying an ideal location within the development and the ability to taylor the size of the section were key reasons in deciding to purchase at The Te Rapa Gateway.

April 2016

The Te Rapa Gateway is pleased to announce the Waikato Kindy Association (WKA) has purchased Lot 57 within the subdivision. The WKA will be a great addition to the subdivision to provide early childhood education to workers and local residents families within and around the Te Rapa Gateway.

The Te Rapa Gateway is proudly developed and managed by Chalmers Properties.