All sites at Te Rapa Gateway are fully serviced, giving your business access to the following infrastructure

Water supply

Each road at Te Rapa Gateway will be serviced by a twin watermain supply with a minimum diameter of 150mm connected to Hamilton City Council’s reticulated supply. Arthur Porter Drive is serviced with a 250mm bulk main on one side of the road and a 150mm rider main on the other side of the road.


There are 11KV underground power cables running the length of Arthur Porter Drive. Each Precinct’s 11KV cable can be fed from both ends, providing a backup supply.


Te Rapa Gateway operates a modern ‘low impact design’ stormwater system, with all water run off from buildings, sites and roadways flowing into vegetated swales. The swales flow into twin treatment wetlands, ensuring that clean water and reduced flow rates are discharged from the industrial park.


Te Rapa Gateway is connected to Hamilton City Council’s wastewater system. Sewer mains have been supplied throughout the industrial park allowing connection to Hamilton City Council’s westward interceptor sewer line (1 metre diameter).


Ultra fast fibre is reticulated to each site, with the capacity to have 100Mbs download speed on the standard connection or an upgrade to dedicated fibre connected to the central exchange supplying 1000Mbs download speed. Ultra fast fibre gives potential cost savings through internet based tele­commun­ications systems.

Road lighting

Each road within the industrial park is lit by clean, white coloured and lower power consumption LED road lights.

The Te Rapa Gateway is proudly developed and managed by Chalmers Properties.